Credit Reporting & Scoring

Our credit reports provide all the information you need to assess each applicant's likelihood of fulfilling their credit commitments. They provide more accurate, better quality data than other credit reports in a simple, logical view.

Credit Reporting

As well as confirming the applicant's name, address and the presence of any adverse public data our credit report information show the applicant's payment history on their credit commitments - bank accounts, loans, credit cards, mortgages and other finance agreements - for contributors to TransUnion's SHARE database of financial records.

Credit risk reporting also features a range of other data to provide additional insight into your customers' behaviour. These include Electoral Roll data, geo-demographic risk scoring derived at post-code level, and details of undeclared address links and aliases. 

Our credit reports are available on a browser for manual assessment, via API for automated application processing or as a flat file for portfolios for use in credit risk management.

Credit Scoring

Our second generation of risk scoring, Gauge 2, has been developed to help you make the best possible lending decision. In addition to the updated credit risk score, Gauge 2 has a suite of sector specific scores, enhancing the power of the generic score.

To find out more about how TransUnion can help you with your credit risk management, please complete our business enquiry form and one of our specialists will contact you directly.