Recruitment Agencies

By offering your clients services in pre-vetting candidates and employee screenings before interviews, you can add value to your business. By adding an in-house vetting and screening allows your business to be as efficient as possible by reducing candidate lists on the behalf of your clients.

Our online employee vetting tools provide an inclusive range of candidate screening checks include:

Standard credit checks

Proving that your candidate has ‘financial soundness’ can help you assess the good character and integrity of a potential employee. Through CallReport by TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) you can achieve a thorough pre-screen that is quick and easy getting you the full picture. CallReport is an industry standard credit report which confirms a candidate’s name, address and the presence or absence of any adverse public data such as court judgements (CCJ/HCJs), bankruptcies and insolvencies (BAIs), and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).

Credit checks for Financial Services Recruitment

Where you are recruiting on behalf of a lender, there are FCA guidelines to consider. You can help your client comply and set yourself apart from competitors by taking a responsible approach and accessing all data available to them. SHAREReport builds on the services offered by CallReport with an even wider source of payment behaviour data based on accounts held with variety of lenders including loan, credit cards, pay day loans, mortgages, home shopping and telecoms. It enables you to see where an individual has fallen into delinquency and default as well as looking at the credit profile of financial associates.

Identity Checks

In addition to offering credit checks, our CallValidate service makes sure you know the real identity of prospective employees. This enables you to confirm their name, address, previous addresses and date of birth as well as any aliases they may be known under. CallValidate also identifies individuals who are known to be deceased, those who identify as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or those who are on the HM Treasury Sanctions list or the Specially Designated Nationals (OFAC) list.

International Checks

For international applicant’s applying outside the UK, CallValidate International can complete the authentication process. Our international checks can verify the identity of the applicant through previous residential addresses and the passport they present as ID evidence, validating it against data from over 135 countries. 

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